It is my pleasure to offer group initiatives for folks who are seeking community around a topic, or like-minded people with similar wellness goals.

Faith & Trauma Support Group

I am also launching a support group around faith and trauma, as many clients are asking for a space to discuss the guilt and shame of growing up under a certain cultural or faith tradition.

Sexual Wellness and Chronic Pelvic Pain

The current group initiative I am offering is a monthly book club meeting for folks with chronic pelvic and sexual pain. You can read more here.

Previous programming

As of late 2022 I have put this group on hiatus while offering monthly book club programming.

Clients are still welcome to contact me to put their name on a list as a person desiring to attend a group like the one described below.

Presently, we are meeting as a collaborative group for folks who are managing painful sex or sexual pain. This is an open group, with members who have been attending since its inception in 2018, or new folks who wish to gain more resources, insight, and feedback around their sexual wellness journeys. Attendees are in various stages of their journeys, with some just beginning and others who have found remission of symptoms. We meet biweekly, and there is no need to attend regularly, though of course best results are attained through consistency. I charge $35 to attend this group session.

It is important to mention that presently, this group is largely comprised of millennial-aged folks, and folks who identify as cisgender and were assigned female at birth. I understand pelvic and sexual pain can affect folks from all walks of life, identities, and backgrounds, and aim to hold space for those experiences. You are welcome in this space. If you would like a space that better meets your needs or lived experiences, please contact me and we can either work collaboratively to create that space or I can refer you to other initiatives that I know of that will be of use.