Getting what you need from therapy begins with a good connection between you and your provider. You want to ensure you’re seeing a counselor who “gets you” first and foremost, so you can feel comfortable opening up and exploring in a therapeutic environment.

Maybe you’ve been to therapy before with varying degrees of success, and maybe you’re a first-timer. No matter the case, we are here to support you.

FYBT: Where your counselors are gayer than you!

We’re a growing team of dynamic professionals whose mission is to help you feel supported, heard, and welcome. Our practitioners have varying therapy styles and modalities, and specialize in different types of therapy.

Despite our differences, we are all:

  • Friendly, warm, and compassionate
  • Fun & enjoy using humor in therapy
  • Queer and LGBT-affirming
  • Nerds (in our own ways)
  • Into treating you with respect and unconditional positive regard!

Check out the crew here and drop us a line to get started.


Sees Individuals for therapy.

Licensed in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Colorado, New Mexico, Vermont, & Florida.

Offers counseling virtually and in-person in Bethlehem.

Specializes in therapy for sex topics including chronic pelvic pain and painful sex, LGBT, gender, and transgender-affirming therapy including letters for gender-affirming services, and therapy for those in poly and nonmonogamous or kinky relationships.

Also does “regular therapy stuff.” Trauma-informed.

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Sees Individuals, Couples, and Families for therapy.

Licensed in Pennsylvania, Colorado, & Vermont.

Offers counseling virtually and in-person in Bethlehem.

Specializes in therapy for anxiety, depression, stress management, and other counseling topics. Uses a whole-family systems and humanistic approach to inform her work in counseling. Passionate about gender-affirming care and understanding sexuality across the lifespan and in relationships. Spanish-speaking therapy offered.

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Sees Individuals & Families for therapy.

Pre-licensed professional in Pennsylvania.

Offers counseling appointments virtually.

Passionate about working with LGBT+ individuals & trans folks for identity development. Loves working with kids, teens, and adults. Specializes on trauma, mood disorders, grief, and somatic work. Sees clients for chronic pain conditions including chronic pelvic and sexual pain and TMJ. Patient and affirming for clients who want to take their time experiencing therapy for the first time.

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Accompanies Sara to the office on occasion.

Unlicensed dog. She has no degrees. She is a dog. Woof.

Specializes in judgy side-eyes and shedding incessantly.

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