Hello! Here you will find office policies, forms, and paperwork to help you understand our counseling practice as well as get started with our counseling journey.

Office Policies – this document will review office policies, answer questions about fees, confidentiality, HIPAA, social media, and includes other resources.

Intake Form – you will complete this form fully before our first meeting. It is a fillable PDF so you can download, review, and sign at the comfort of your home and then e-mail to me. Alternatively, you may print it, fill it out, scan, and send.

Release of Medical Records Form – you can complete this form if I need to contact another medical professional to exchange records regarding you to ensure continuity of care.

Group Confidentiality Release – you can complete this form if you wish to participate in a group program I offer and share your contact information with your peers, if the group allows it.

Please return all completed forms by email.